Why would I want an ETR session?  

You would want the Energy Transfer Reset to raise your frequency.  Each time we make a decision, we shift into a new timeline of probabilities. In each incarnation, we create millions of timelines of probabilities. Each timeline holds frequencies generated by our emotions. If we were sad, angry, apathetic, proud, greedy, worried, anxious or felt like a victim, we generated low vibrational frequencies that cause pain, illness, and disease. These low frequencies also hold us back from experiencing optimal health and wellness. They also impede our ascension progress. Across thousands of incarnations, we have generated quadrillions of timelines that are holding low frequencies. This build-up of low frequencies must be removed for us to live healthy, peaceful, and abundant lives as we move into the 5th dimension. The ETR resets us back to the pure state we enjoyed before beginning the incarnation process. Also, we can have blockages, attachments, tags, cords, and implants that hinder our ability to heal and progress in our lives. We will discuss these shortly .

What shifts can I experience during the ETR session? 

Sense of clearing and shifts can be felt energetically‚Äô A sense of peace and shift clearing maybe, starting to be noticed, during and after the session. You may start to have some visions, or insights that were not there before, visualizations, symbolical visions.  

What shifts can i expect after the energy transfer reset?

Low frequencies will be removed below the 5th dimension. Your  connection to your guides and angels, becomes clearer, You will find it easier to remain in a higher frequency, and joy and gratitude are felt on a new level. Timeline cleared, and soul is reset to a purer state. You can experience a setback to aging. 

How Long Does the Transfer of Low-Frequency Energies Take?

The transfer happens immediately; however you do have at least an 8% residue that guides want us to clear and release, ourselves. The total clearing can take up to several weeks to several months. Depending on your frequency. And mindset. Also, there is approximately 8% left of energy you will need to clear or purge on your own, that is not cleared during an ETR Session. This can be done through releasing this on your own.  

Tell me about the remote healing?

Remote ETR healing is when the healing or clearing is done with out the person present. After the practitioner asks the higher self for permission to receiving the ETR CAN be done distantly. Through positive intent of helping the client with a remote session, will be administered. 


Individual ETR Session

A Private ETR Session with Peg, Before and after consultation is included. 

Monthly Zoom ETR Group Session

Monthly ETR Session on Zoom. EVERY 2nd FRIDAY. Invite your Friends! 

Remote ETR Healing

Remote Healing Sessions for Loved Ones and Pets.

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