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Quantum Healing for the Soul


Welcome to my website. I am Peg Jones.

I am a certified ETR Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Akashic Records Practitioner, Light Language Healer, and Channel of the Angels. 

For the sake of these pages I am focusing about the, Energy Transfer Reset, and how the ETR can help you with the Ascension process. 

I will share with you: 

  • Who created the ETR 
  • Those assisting us with the healing and clearing
  • Benefits of the ETR
  • Booking a session 

Quantum Healing for the Soul


Individual ETR Session

A Private ETR Session with Peg, Before and after consultation is included. 

Monthly Zoom ETR Group Session

Monthly ETR Session on Zoom. EVERY 2nd FRIDAY. Invite your Friends! 

Remote ETR Healing

Remote Healing Sessions for Loved Ones and Pets.

"After receiving the Energy Transfer Reset, my energy changed to a higher, lighter experience. I felt the support of the Arcturians, who are bringing about the shift into 5th dimension.

It was deeply transformative. I had been stuck in several ways in my life, and had an idea that I would have to spend time processing them out. But after the ETR and doing the Cloud Clearing daily, I noticed a big shift in my energy and in my acceptance that it can all be released quickly.

I have been an energy healer for decades, and have explored other powerful 5th dimensional energy work as well as being with an awakened Master for 10 years. The ETR gave me the upliftment I needed. I look forward to what greater shifts will happen as I explore this energy further. Thank you, Arcturians, and Peg for doing this with me."

Monica Dubay

Quantum Healing for the Soul

Energy Transfer Reset (ETR)

Who created the ETR?

The ETR was created from the Sirians, Arcturains and the Pleadians, to specifically help with the Ascension process. Beverly Nation, downloaded this process, from her Arcturian guide, February of 2018.   

Who helps in an ETR Session?

We have assistance from our

  • Angels and Archangels 
  • Personal Spirit Guides (sometimes over 100) 
  • Galactic Guides 
  • Star Seed Races(Sirians, Arcturians, Pleadians)
  • Specialist Beings 

What are the benefits of the ETR? 

The Energy Transfer Reset Session will reset your timelines to a fresh and pure beginning. The ETR will clear and heal timelines of ancestral lineages that have been holding your Soul from going forward and in working towards 5th dimension understanding and living.

The Energy Transfer Reset, clears, the low frequencies, that no longer serve you. By low frequencies we are referring to, tags, blockages, implants, and cords, that can be keeping you from working towards 5th dimension living. However the Arcturians tell us there is 8% left that we will need to purge/release, these fears, and thinking patterns that no longer serve us.

Client Testimonials

I was able to enjoy participating in a one on one session with Peg in her healing with the Arcturians It was lovely and peaceful. I felt a good deal of clearing take place with regard to the past. It was with ease and grace that I moved swiftly through the process and enjoyed spending time with Peg in assistance.


Dear Peg,

I wanted to thank you for the ETR session you provided last month. I am new to this but I really found it helpful. It was calming, it helped me focus, and it minimized the anxiety I was feeling over a few personal and work issues. You have a very relaxed approach and that immediately put me at ease.

Thank you,

Mary D.  

Experiencing, ETR session with Peg, I wasn't sure what to expect. Peg was awesome and soothing and the Cloud clearing, I could see the colors forming. I found that the ETR session came with a clearing in most things.

Communications, environment, people and the clearing can be seen and felt. Also, stress was released, so thank you for the session. There is a difference and being aware of it is a comfort. Thanks Peg love ya! 

Many Blessings of Love, Light and Happiness

Sprinkles N.

THE ETR SESSION was fabulous. Peg explained carefully the process before we started in detail. Peg was very detailed on the process we would go through. After the reading I felt energized and lighter, alike a huge mass had been lifted from my body. I truly loved my session loved it. Thank you for the enlightenment and the tools to keep it all protecting me.

Kay J.

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